Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unchained Work

Here's all the stuff I've done in 3-D for Unchained. In addition to this I did a few very basic concepts for the Airship and Cannon which, I hope, ultimately helped Brian (one of the art leads) to conceive of their final designs.

This fern type plant was designed by Ariel Fain. now that I've finished with the cannon I believe I'm going to become part of the environment modeling team, so I'll be cranking out rock and plants in the coming months.This is only the high poly model of the cannon. I've yet to have the chance to put together a display page for the low poly textured version.

Digital Still Life Paintings

Just a bunch of still lives from my Digital Painting class.

Teldris Dungeon Scene

This is a scene from my now defunct medieval story idea. The idea was the the main character, who has been imprisoned in the cell, is going to be rescued by a band of rebels who wish to overthrow the king. The rebels would use the opening in the ceiling, which has been disguised as a well on the surface (hence the dank wet and slippery feel of the dungeon walls) to reach the main character. Shortly afterward the idea was that the rope used to climb down into the cell would be found and cut by the guards, leaving our hero and his new allies to fight their way through the dungeon to freedom.

This was my first experience in creating an entire scene on 3-D rather that simply making free floating props. I must say I greatly enjoyed it and I plan on designing some more in my free time.