Sunday, April 18, 2010

Viking Crossbow

A crossbow designed and modeled for a school project in which the main character is a viking. This was done in high poly it took probably 15-20 hours over the course of 2 weeks to complete.

Since these screen shots I've added some additional specular effects that cause Norse runes to glitter across the surface of the metal when light hits it at certain angles.
Model, textures and concept all by me this time.
Low Poly, baked and textured in 3DSMax

Unreal Screengrabs

Monday, April 12, 2010

Exercises in Perspective

Exercises in Perspective: Sketched in pencil, Painted in Photoshop CS4
These are a couple of environments for my perspective class.

The first is a stand alone image where the assignment was very open ended.

The second was an assignment in which we were supposed to design a moon base. In this case I put a story behind the image. It's meant to be in the future of earth and cataclysmic events (meteor, global warming, massive natural disasters, take you pick) have ravaged earth, however there was enough of a warning that samples of most of the life on earth has been saved. These samples are housed in large domes separated according to climate in bases on the moon, and several of the closer planets, known as Eden complexes.

The third is the first of three images that are meant to tell a story. I'll upload the other two as they are completed.

The story behind the second image posed here is a re imagining of Little Red Riding Hood. The idea behind this reimagining is that rather than being a little girl delivering cookies to Grandma, "Red" is a courier after the style of Mirrors Edge, leaping from rooftop to rooftop in order to reach her destination and deliver her package.

This image is meant to establish the feel of the world, in the foreground is the "forest" a grungy dirt depressing city sector that contrasts heavily with the shiny rich district beyond. The image contains two figures "Red" is the figure further away making her way through the "forest" unaware of the "Wolf", in this case an operative sent to intercept her delivery, observing her from afar.

Mad Scientist's Containment Unit

Mad Scientist's Containment Unit: 2D, Sketched in Pencil, Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS4

This was created for an assignment in a Concepting class the only parameter was that the container had to be at least partially made of metal and glass.

Empire Long Sword

Empire Sword: 3D

Another one based off a concept by Dan Scott
This one was done earlier in the year and is solely in low poly

Finished the week of February 7th

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chaos Sword

Chaos Sword: 3D

Based on a Warhammer Concept by Dan Scott, as the class this was done for requires the use of outside concepts for most projects.

3D Studio Max Renders

Screen Grab of the Model in the Unreal Game Engine

UV for the Model

Concept (art by Dan Scott not me)

This was my first venture into high poly modeling so it took a longer time, probably 60+ hours over the course of 4 weeks. Overall I'm very happy with the result now I just need to get faster, which is what the coming assignments are for.



Hi, and welcome to my new art blog. I've been feeling like I need to finally take the time to upload my work somewhere again, especially with job hunting around the corner, having an easy place to showcase my work is a must.

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